Mining Engineering

Mining Engineering discipline includes management operations involving discovery of minerals through feasibility study, mine design, development of plans, production and operations of mine closure.

The mining engineering department at MMCT, being the only one at the capital is earnestly working for upgradation of mining engineering education, research and industry institute interaction to meet the challenges of state mining industries.

Our state Chhattisgarh is very rich in precious mineral ores like Coal (17.45%) Iron (18.67%) Bauxite (4.5%) Dolomite (11.24%) Tin (2.8%) Limestone (5.15%) Diamond (2.8%) of gross national production, ensuring the job opportunities in the mining sector.

The mining engineering department at MMCT, Raipur provides the platform to develop capabilities in

  • Newer technologies in production & refining minerals at competitive cost for opencast & underground mining.
  • Environmental friendly technologies ensuring health protection of human resources and minimisation of pollution in related industries.
  • Development of softwares using satellite data for exploration of minerals & development of Survey techniques using geoinformatics.
  • Rock mechanics & ground control.
Courses Offered
Bachelor Of Engineering 60 Seats
Our Laboratories
01. Gas Testing Chamber 08. Blasting Engg. Lab
02. Mining Geology-I & II Lab 09. Mine Health and safety Engg. Lab
03. Mine Surveying-I, II & III Lab 10. Mineral dressing Lab
04. Mine Climate & Ventilation Lab 11. Mine Fires and hazards Lab
05. Under Ground Coal Mining Lab 12. Rock Mechanics Lab
06. Mine Machinery-I, II & III Lab 13. Strata Control Lab
07. Surface Mining-I Lab 14. Pollution Control Lab