Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is concerned with the improvement in quality of basic needs of human civilization and taking care of the naturally and humanly built environments with their planning, designing, construction, operation and maintenance. The Civil Engineering Department at MMCT Raipur is earnestly working to develop solutions to major sustainability challenges of the state and committed to produce leaders impacting the society at large. The Department is actively involved in basic and applied research in the field of Structural Engineering, Geo technical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Water Resources Engineering and Environmental Engineering along with high quality technical advisory support to various organizations through R&D projects and consultancy. A broad area of the current research focus of the Department includes liquefaction and landslide remediation, ground improvement, vibration control, composite structures, seismic evaluation and retrofitting, river hydraulics, remote sensing and GIS, pavement design, transportation planning, waste water management, air pollution, and solid waste management.

Courses Offered
Bachelor Of Engineering 60 Seats
Diploma in Civil Engineering 60 Seats
M.Tech. Structural Engineering 18 Seats
Our Laboratories
01. Concrete Technology lab 08. Engineering Geology Lab
02. Geotech Engg. Lab-I, II, III &IV 09. Structural Analysis Lab
03. Transportation Engg. Lab 10. Environmental Engineering Lab I & II
04. Material Testing lab 11. Quantity Surveying & Cost Evaluation Lab
05. Surveying Field Works-I & II 12. Computer Applications in Civil Engineering Lab
06. Fluid Mechanics Lab-I & II 13. Water Resources Engineering Drawing Lab
07. Civil Engineering Drawing 14. Structural Engg. Drawing