Departmental Club

Departmental Professional Bodies

The Institutional Professional Bodies are the primary channels by which engineers working in particular technical disciplines, or otherwise possessing common interests, share technical knowledge, regulate professional practice, influence public policy, and maintain the traditions and reputation of the profession.

For this type of society organized around a particular technical discipline, the primary purposes are typically

  • 1. Establish, maintain and develop standards of knowledge and skill;
  • 2. Establish, maintain and develop standards of qualification and standards of practice for professional engineers;
  • 3. To develop new technological solutions;
  • 4. To foster the presentation, discussion, and dissemination of the latest technical information and practices relevant to the discipline and its associated industries;
  • 5. To provide a mechanism for overseeing the development of technical codes and standards relating to safety and uniformity
  • 6. To promote the reputation and welfare of both the profession and the industry.

In support of these main functions, societies frequently take on additional roles, such as supporting educational programs, lobbying political bodies, establishing professional ethics codes, documenting the history of the discipline, and offering various career development and continuing education benefits to members.

In every session, the newly formed professional bodies take the pledge to practice integrity and honesty, serve humanity, and “give the utmost” because during the engineering design process, the responsibilities of the engineers include defining problems, conducting and narrowing research, analyzing criteria, finding and analyzing solutions, and making decisions.

Existing Departmental Professional Bodies

  • 1. Association of Civil Engineers (MMACE)
  • 2. Network of Computer Science Engineers (MMNCSE)
  • 3. Spark of Professional Electrical & Electronics Engineers (MMSPEEE)
  • 4. Voltage of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers (MMVETE)
  • 5. Associated Council of Mechanical Engineers (MMACME)
  • 6. Well organized Mining Engineers (MMWOMIN)