Criteria -2

S.No. Download
1 Faculty List-2.4.1
2 Geo-Tag Photo of Program Outcomes
3 Geo-Tag Photo of Course Outcomes
4 Documents 2.1.2
5 Mechanism of Internal Assessment 2.5.1
6 Average Enrollment Percentage of five years 2.1.1
7 2.4.3_2_Experience Certificate of all the full time teacher in latest completed year
8 2.4.3_1_Consolidated list of faculties along with particulars of date of Appointment and year of experience
9 2.4.1_1_Sanction Letters Indicating Number of Posts by Competent Authority
10 2.6.3_2_Screen shots of result analysis of students of final year from affiliating university website
11 Pass Percentage of Final Year Students_2.6.3_2B
12 Screen Shots of Result Analysis from Website of Affiliating University
13 2.6.3_1_Result Sheet Published by Affiliating University
14 Issues Raised and Resolved in Mentor System
15 2.4.1_2_Appoinment Letters
16 2.4.3_3 Appoinment Letters