Electronics & Telecom. Engineering

Electronics & telecommunication Engineering, develop and test electronic systems, devices and equipment. Examples of these systems include computer components, GPS systems, communication systems, antennas, satellite transponders, electronics guidance system for aircrafts, electronic control for missiles, signal processing based biomedical instruments, entertainment electronics and home applications , VLSI and ULSI chips and many more. There are several specializations within Electronics Engineering that include Automatic Controls, Digital Systems (Computer Systems), Electromagnetics, Electronics, Semiconductor Devices, Communication and Signal Processing. The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at MMCT Raipur covers a host of subjects inclusive of electronic circuits, microprocessors, digital signal processing, image processing and computer vision, soft computing, analog communication, digital communication, mobile communication, VLSI, embedded Systems, electronic instrumentation, analytical instrumentation and many more. The department has laboratories catering to all the subjects of studies.

Courses Offered
Bachelor Of Engineering 60 Seats
Our Laboratories
01. Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab 12. Advance Communication Lab
02. Electronics Workshop 13. Electronic Circuit Design Lab
03. Industrial Instrumentation Lab 14. Microcontroller & Embedded
04. Digital Logic Design Lab 15. VLSI Design Lab
05. Digital Communication Lab 16. Microwave Communication and Engg. Lab
06. Analog Communication Lab 17. Computer Networks Lab
07. Analog Electronics Lab 18. Advance Communication Lab
08. Linear Integrated Circuits & Applications Lab 19. Optical Communication Lab
09. Data Structures and Programming with C++ Lab 20. Digital Circuit Simulation Lab
10. Advanced Microprocessor and Interfacing Lab 21. Power Electronics Lab
11. Digital signal Processing Lab