Vision, Mission & Objectives

Our Vision

We aspire, to built the leaders of the future, who are passionate to win, raise standards of excellence round the world and create newer directions to make the mankind explore and innovate in a better way, leading to harmony and coexisting in society; to establish a world-class educational institution as a knowledge enterprise to educate and train the people to become performers in order to reach the pinnacle of glory for themselves and for our country.

Our Mission

To impart quality education, develop highest standards of professional ethics in the field of education and to improve the quality of life of people by playing a proactive role in producing competent young men and women; to impart value based technical and management education through deployment of dedicated faculty and creation of academic ambience of the highest order; to nature and cultivate the spirit of creativity and innovation among students and staff to always remain at the cutting edge of technology and management practices; to empower the students to acquire attributes and behavioral pattern conducive towards development of entrepreneurial attitude to become job providers rather than job seekers and thus contribute towards socio-economic growth and glorious future of our country.

Our Objectives

  • To impart quality and value based education in the field of technology and management.
  • To promote research and development activities leading to application of knowledge in problem solving, enhancement of productivity and evolution of efficient management practices.
  • To undertake consultancy and testing in the field of engineering and technology.
  • To develop synergetic partnership with industries towards mutual benefit.
  • To establish effective networking with the leading technology and management education institutions across the world to always remain at the cutting edge of the technology.