Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is often called the mother of all engineering. It covers a host of subjects: properties of materials, structural design, material processing, manufacturing, heat engines, refrigeration and air conditioning, industrial management, robotics and much more. The Mechanical Engineering Department of MMCT, Raipur is known for research in most of these fields. The main foci of research are on mechanical vibration, robotics, CAD/CAM, precision engineering, Metal forming, manufacturing, CFD, Industrial refrigeration and Cryogenics. The academic programmers of the department reflect not only the core areas of Mechanical Engineer but also the research specialization of the faculty.

Courses Offered
Bachelor Of Engineering 60 Seats
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 60 Seats
Our Laboratories
01. Material Testing Lab 11. Dynamics of Machines Lab
02. Fluid Mechanics Lab 12. Machine Design Lab I & II
03. Manufacturing Science Lab 13. Finite Elements Methods Lab
04. Machine Drawing Lab 14. Automobile Engg. Lab
05. Computer Aided Drafting Lab 15. Heat & Mass Transfer Lab
06. Engg. Thermodynamics Lab 16. Robotics Lab
07. Kinematics of Mechanics Lab 17. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab
08. Mechanical Measurement & Metrology Lab 18. Mechanical Engineering Lab
09. Fluid Machinery Lab 19. Workshop
10. Internal Combustion Engines Lab